Accra Psychiatric Hospital

Project Details:

  • Project Accra Psychiatric Hospital
  • Clients Ghana
  • Location Accra, Ghana
  • Project Year 2021


For over 100 years the Accra Psychiatric Hospital (APH) has existed at its present site as a national center for the provision of mental health services. Over the period, there have been major changes in the outlook and practices of mental health care.

The current premises were designed at a time when the concept of a prison/asylum was the norm and is therefore ill suited to accommodate the new more humane practices of modern health care. The buildings and infrastructure are dilapidated and the premises continue to communicate and support a very negative stigma about mental health.

The Mental Health Authority in conjunction with the Ministry of Health plans to have the hospital redeveloped into a modern facility to provide high quality services and transform the image of mental health in the nation.

To achieve this, the project proposal is to leverage the prime value of the site to create a mixed-use development. The hospital will be redeveloped and maintained with funding support from the real estate development of a complimentary medical park hosting specialized medical services and facilities. The design report presently focuses on the hospital.

The Master plan should allocate the land use for both the hospital and the real estate development. Storey heights in the development should range between 3-8 floors. The massing and form of the buildings should complement the developing streetscape and promote a completely new image of mental health.

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